Fix problem with controll panel

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Fix problem with controll panel

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This post are translated from this post:

Hello Dog owner,
also the new earth cable kit of Yamaha brought no improvement.
Me annoys excessively, if when starting of the engine depending upon situation of the pistons,
the starter "into the knees" is forced in such a way, which drop the battery voltage under the value,
thus that the controll panel the time and the trip counter forgets.
This eternal new adjusting was full I.........

A few pictures, like I solved now here that..........

It who towards needs:
1 diode BY550 (5Ampere)/1 condenser 10000µF(35V) (4700µF are enough also)
Heat shrink sleeve, wire, soldering iron, hot-air hair dryer, hot-melt adhesive,
Cable strap and fate relating to crafts....

Much fun when copying!!!!!!

Your Manfred

Fig. 01 only once the saddle diminish and safety devices open through remove for the cover.

Fig. 02 the 5 ampere of safety device "Backup draw" and fuse holders unscrew.

Fig. 03 the safety device is away, (continuous pluses for controll panel)

Fig. 04 now cut the red/green wire of this safety device

Fig. 05 the diode is soldered on with the ring away from the safety device at the safeguard block.
------- the red/green wire with still another red wire becomes after over both that
------- Heat shrink sleeve pulled was soldered on, at the other end of the diode.

Fig. 06 heat shrink sleeve to over the diode to the safeguard block push and cover<br>Bild

Fig. 07 the red wire to the plus side solder & the blue ones to the negative pole of the condenser.
------- (heat shrink sleeve do not forget)

Fig. 08 the plug, which goes from the wiring harness to the negative pole of the battery to take off and open.
------- (block with the Srew driver low pressure, then one can push plastic cover back)
------- and the blue wire of the condenser solder on.

Fig. 09 minus plugs again plug together,

Fig. 10 and with hot adhesive the wires at the condenser & diode at the fuse box secure

Fig. 11 condenser with cable strap fix, safety device use & everything again assemble....

Function mode:
The condenser loads itself over the diode on battery voltage,
and if the battery voltage breaks down briefly,
he takes over the power supply of the Controll panel for some seconds.
The diode prevents, which the condenser can unload itself over the starter

Finish ,
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