Biker jailed after headcam shows him speeding at 150mph

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Biker jailed after headcam shows him speeding at 150mph

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Headcams are not always a good idea...
A motorcyclist who filmed himself doing speeds of up to 153mph on roads and popping wheelies jailed.

Robert Hammond, 60, of Upways Close, Selsey, appeared at Chichester Crown Court for sentencing on Friday after pleading guilty to four counts of dangerous driving on 3 November at an earlier hearing.

He was sentenced to six months to run consecutively for each offence and told that he will spend at least a year in prison.
They stopped him and seized a memory card from a camera which was mounted to his helmet. When the card was viewed, it showed more than 150 clips of him on his motorbike. Many of these clips recorded him riding in a manner that showed a blatant disregard for the safety of himself or other road users.
Source: The Argus.


Who has some footage of wheelies with a Bulldog? :mrgreen: